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A Letter to Knott’s Berry Farm

August 30, 2010

I had not been to Knott’s Berry Farm in some time, I admit.
My daughter went there on a school field trip last Spring and wanted to
go again with the family, so we went yesterday.

Let me start with the two things we found good.

Ray at the General Store was helpful, friendly and delightful. Joan in
the Mystery Lodge store is an absolute gem!

Now, on to the rest of the day.

Your security personnel at the front gate is apparently trained in
Gestapo tactics when it comes to the search for “contraband food”. I was
mortified. While we did not attempt to bring food and drink into the
park ourselves, we saw the manner in which your people treated your
paying patrons as they entered the turnstiles. They were rude, gruff,
insensitive and insulting. They obviously hate their jobs. More on that

We soon discovered why the park is so committed to keeping “contraband
food” from entering the gate. My daughter was hungry soon after we
entered, so we stopped by Sutter’s. Hot dog, bag of Lay’s and bottle of
water, $15.75. Amazing.

These exorbitant prices were accompanied by the rudest food service
people I have ever encountered. I obviously had interrupted their
employee social time by being the only customer they had to wait upon.
They too, apparently hate their jobs. My daughter’s $9.75 hot dog was a
greasy and poor example of the American classic.

We could not help but notice how dirty and unkempt the overall park is.
At 11:45 AM on a Summer Sunday, we could not find a clean picnic table,
leftover food debris obviously still there from the night before. We
boarded the train ride and were presented with sights of trash,
unmanicured landscaping, abandoned service and maintenance vehicles and
their spare parts strewn along the route, simply appalling. One would
never encounter this at Disneyland.

The woman working at the Turquoise Jewelry kiosk next to the General
Store will have no idea how much revenue she lost yesterday after she so
rudely snapped at my 9-year old daughter. My little girl only asked her
if the buffalo head on the wall was a real buffalo. “No!”, she snapped,
startling her. “Is there anything you want to look at?”, she snarled to
me. We simply walked away. She must also hate her job.

At the ice cream counter, I thought I had given the woman five $1 bills,
when in fact I had given only four. “I’m sorry”, I said, “I thought I
gave you five”. “Sure you did”, she snapped back. Why do so many people
at your park hate their jobs?

With the exception of the woman at the Turquoise Jewelry kiosk, my
daughter was thankfully oblivious to the many unsatisfactory things I
have pointed out in this email. Because of that, when my wife asked me
to rate the experience on a scale on one to ten, I gave it a “four”, but
three of that four came from the fact my daughter enjoyed her day.

Your maintenance crew needs to go on an emergency program of cleanup,
sprucing, painting and landscaping. It was quite sad to see such an
institution as Knott’s, presented in such a sorry state.


Donald Baillargeon