MoneyTV Election Awards!

Well, the midterm elections are behind us and it is now time for the

MoneyTV 2010 Election Awards! …recognizing deserving individuals and groups which made our election season so  riveting.

The Hypocrite Award goes to California attorney Gloria Allred,  tireless
champion of women’s rights. Her  stunt with the illegal alien maid ended up being the turning point in keeping a very capable woman out of the California governor’s mansion…great work Gloria, we can hardly wait for your next press conference.

The Cheech and Chong Award goes to the voters in California. Faced with a ballot measure to legalize marijuana for recreational use, they apparently celebrated too early and forgot to actually go out and vote, while those who did make it to the polls….well, that brings us to the…

The Sheep Award, going again to the voters of California, who, being given the opportunity to clean house like the rest of the country, chose instead to follow the shephard and re-elected Sanchez, Pelosi, Boxer and…..that brings us to….

The Sequel Award….it’s Moonbeam, the Sequel, coming to a California governor’s mansion in January, Jerry Brown gets another crack at being the chief executive of the country’s most populated state.

The Onion Award goes to incoming Speaker of the House John Boehner, whose emotion-filled speech Tuesday night reminded everyone why it is not a good idea to chop onions right before proclaiming victory.

The Thank God For Union Support Award goes to Harry Reid, long considered to be done in Nevada, for pulling out his Senate Race in a state where the voting machines were serviced by the same employee union who strongly supported his reelection.

The You’ve Got to be Kidding Award goes to the San Francisco city council, who chose election day to pass a ban on Happy Meals, a measure they called a victory for food justice.

And finally, the Get Out of Dodge Award goes to President Obama, as he bolts for India with an entourage of 3000 people, a trip costing taxpayers a quarter of a billion dollars per day.

You just can’t make this stuff up!


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