Election Fraud

Depending upon which part of the world you are watching this program from and MoneyTV is seen in more than 75 countries, the midterm elections in the US are just coming up or …have  just passed.

But what is turning into a very disturbing trend is all of the news which broke this week about election ballot scams and voter fraud.

In Florida, a Daytona Beach commissioner and his campaign manager were arrested this week for allegedly obtaining absentee ballots in the names of people who did not order them, and then casting the votes for their own campaign.

In Central California, there are reports of people going door to door, offering to hand deliver absentee ballots to the polls, which is illegal.

In Nevada, concern was raised when it was reported by early voters that certain voting machines had the votes for US Senator already pre-cast.

In Houston, investigators found vacant lots which had several voters registered on them and an eight-bed halfway house with more than 40 voters registered at its address.

If it is so easy to fraudulently register to vote, how many votes cast are
legitimate and how many are bogus?

We all remember the debacle of ten years ago during the general election, when  Florida became the swing state and the country’s next President hung in the balance of some 500 votes. We learned what a chad was and even became acquainted with a hanging chad.

Is this the United States we’re talking about…or some banana republic?

There are those who believe all of this talk about voting and registration fraud is just that…all talk, but it always seems that where there is smoke, there is fire!

If it is so easy to falsify the registration of a voter, then how safe are our
elections from fraud?

Just this week, a federal appeals judge struck down an Arizona law which
required someone registering to vote provide proof they are an American
citizen…imagine that?

You can register to vote in Arizona and you don’t have to prove that you have the right to do so.

Many many millions of dollars are spent by candidates and special interest groups to get you to vote one way or another. Anytime that kind of money is at stake, there are those who are going to try to beat the system.


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