Chilean Miners

For two days this week, I was transfixed by the images on my television screen as the incredible story of the rescue of the Chilean miners unfolded before me.

The idea of being trapped underground…a half mile underground no less, essentially buried alive for more than two months…………… is mentally staggering.

Think back to the events of your life since the 5th of August, go ahead, look back on your calendars. Maybe there was a family vacation near the end of the Summer, maybe you went to someone’s wedding, your kids started the new school year, there was no doubt a Labor Day BBQ, perhaps you bought a car, maybe you started to pay attention to the upcoming fall elections…all during that time,
those 33 men were trapped underground, clinging to the hope that their brother and sister miners on the surface were doing all that was humanly and technologically possible to get them out.

More than two months buried alive underground, 33 men confined to a space about the size of a tiny apartment, no bathroom facilities, hot, humid and tremendously uncomfortable…yet these men were able to form the semblance of a society under those horrific conditions, clinging to hope and faith they would someday soon, again, see the light of day.

It is truly a miracle of human perseverance and achievement and it greatly overshadows the day to day issues we deal with in our lives.

Watching the seven year old son of Florencio Avalos, the first miner to emerge from the rescue capsule, break into uncontrollable sobs as his Dad was reunited with him and the rest of the family, it was hard not to get choked up. My first instinct was to go find my daughter in the house and give her a big hug….I am sure many felt the same way.

If our fellow human beings can overcome such incredible obstacles, then what we deal with on a daily basis…is a piece of cake!


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