California Gubernatorial Nonsense

When I was growing up in blue collar Connecticut and Maine, people there used to joke about California being the land of fruits and nuts, they would make fun of the California laid back lifestyle and the counter culture.

They must be having a good old fashioned belly laugh right about now.

I have been living in California for 30 years  and consider myself a naturalized native. But I am enormously embarrassed by what is going on in the state’s gubernatorial election, a very close and very dirty race between Attorney General Jerry Brown and former Ebay CEO Meg Whitman.

You remember Jerry Brown…he was California governor in the 1970s, he dated Linda Rondstat, was nicknamed “moonbeam”, he even questioned Bill Clinton’s relationship with the truth.

How about Meg Whitman? She was the hard nosed and blunt CEO of a dot com company, used to push around her employees around, forgot to vote in elections and…gasp!…hired an undocumented worker as a maid….in California, imagine that!

You probably noticed that my two descriptions of the candidates had nary a mention of their qualifications, their campaign promises, or what legislative and governing agenda they plan to pursue.

The answer to that is simple and I am sure at the Wonderbar Restaurant in Biddeford, Maine, they’re having a great giggle about this….

…because all California voters are being subjected to is useless and needless fluff about the two candidates…the media is covering the campaign with all of the credibility and journalistic integrity of a Lindsay Lohan driving academy.

I have no idea if Jerry Brown has matured and weathered into an able
administrator, capable of governing the country’s most populated state and helping to pull us out of an economic quandry, because all I see are video clips from nearly 20 years ago, where his record as California governor is being blasted by Bill Clinton! But today Clinton endorses Brown, so go figure.

I cannot make an intelligent decision about whether Meg Whitman can use her experience as CEO of arguably the most successful dot com company ever, to turn California back into the Golden State, because all I am subjected to is that cartoon character, headline hungry attorney, Gloria Allred, no longer defending Octomom, but now taking up the cause of an admitted illegal alien who committed a felony crime by using someone else’s social security number!

Where are the issues, where are the solutions to our problems? How are we going to fix the once great state of California?

The state is flat broke and getting broker by the minute, yet the media covering the gubernatorial campaign is giving us nothing but fruits, nuts and paparazzi journalism.


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