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Racial Profiling?

May 10, 2010

There has been a tremendous amount of debate in the last week over the new Arizona law having to do with illegal immigration.

The most controversial provision of the new law is the
requirement that people must prove they are legally in the U.S. when
asked by a police officer.  This is done merely by showing the officer a valid  federal, state or local government issued identification.

Why is this a problem? Arizona has been overrun with crime by illegal aliens, robberies, burglaries, kidnappings, murders, they certainly had to do something.

There are those who say it will lead to racial profiling, that police officers in Arizona will simply stop anyone of Latino descent and hassle them over their legal immigration status.

I actually had someone make the ridiculous argument to me that the
Arizona law is akin to what happened to the Jewish people during Nazi
Germany. I don’t think Arizona, or anyone for that matter, wants to commit genocide towards illegal aliens…they just want to find ways to keep them out

But let’s talk about racial profiling. This week Faisal Shazad, a Pakistani native who somehow became a US citizen, tried to blow up a car bomb in Times Square with the intention of killing many Americans. The police swept into action, finally arresting him on a plane bound for Pakistan as it was leaving the gate.

Somehow, I cannot imagine the NYPD started their investigation by looking through a suspect list of guys named Johnson or Smith….is it racial profiling to suspect young men of middle eastern descent of being terrorists? No, it isn’t racial profiling, it is experience!

Not all young middle eastern men are terrorists, but experience has told us that just about all terrorists are young middle eastern men.Using that experience saves lives.

When someone is kidnapped or murdered near the US Mexico border, the Arizona police department probably suspects illegal Mexican aliens involved in drug cartels…not because of racial profiling, because of experience!

Are all Mexicans illegally in Arizona members of drug cartels?…no…but experience has told us that members of Mexican drug cartels in Arizona are illegal Mexican aliens. Using that experience saves lives.

On New Year’s Eve, have you ever encountered a DUI stop, where they check all the cars…is that profiling you as a drunk driver….no, the cops know that a certain percentage of drivers that night should not be driving….not because of profiling, because of experience!

Using that experience saves lives.

Nuclear Iran?

May 10, 2010

Just as the world is beginning to show signs of pulling out of what will be remembered as the worst economic downturn anyone under the age of 70 can remember, we now have to turn our eyes, ears and worries away from money and finances and look over our shoulders at that proverbial wack job over in Iran…Ack Mah Dinna Jad.

We’ve been hearing about Iran’s “Peaceful” pursuit of nuclear energy, all the while listening to Ack Mah Dinna Boob insult our leaders, thumb his nose at the world and pretty much act like a drunk falling down into the cake at someone’s wedding.

Last week Defense Secretary Robert Gates acknowledged that while Iran likely doesn’t have nuclear weapon capability yet, that milestone may be only a few months to a year away. General David Petraeus, head of US Central Command said that the one thing that keeps him awake at night IS Iran…and this coming from a guy in charge of fighting a war in TWO countries!

Let me repeat that…Iran could have a working nuclear weapon in one year!

So what are WE doing about it? The nuclear summit was just held and everyone was kissy, huggy, feely friendly and disarmament agreements were signed with Russia and limits were put on how the US would use nukes to respond…but one thing was decidedly missing…that’s right, wacky doodle Ack Mah Dinna Jerk. Iran’s nuclear policies were not even on the agenda at the nuclear summit…did someone not get the email?…how does that NOT get on the agenda?

We’re talking about a nut case who won’t respond to diplomacy, thinks he can behave however he feels without the intervention of the civilized world…whenever someone puts a microphone to his mouth, he denies the holocaust ever happened….this guy actually seems to enjoy being an antagonizer, he LIKES seeing his face on CNN, he’s just having a wonderful time!

There are enough stockpiled nuclear weapons to fry the earth eight times over, but the possibility of just that happening is what has kept the sane and civilized world from actually using the darned things…is that the best policy? Probably not, but for the time being it is what we have and it has worked for nearly 70 years…

Can you imagine Ack Mah Dinna Germ getting his hands on a nuclear weapon?…it would be like buying a fifteen year old kid a new Ferrari…there’s no way he just going to leave it in the garage!