Now That We’re All Rich…..

How does it feel to be rich? Didn’t you always want to be counted amongst the rich people of the country? C’mon, how does it feel…you made it….you are rich!

There is an annoying series of TV and radio commercials for a chain of mattress stores in California, where the owner promises if he can’t beat any deal on a new mattress, then your mattress is freeee!  Of course, the hidden lie is that he likely has never, nor will he ever, give away a mattress for free, as he only needs to beat the best deal by one penny.

Well, sweeping health care reform passed the House of Representatives this week and everyone in the majority is absolutely giddy about it…it is being touted as the biggest social reform in the last 40 years, a realization of a goal a century in the making.  It is a bill of massive proportions, nearly 1 trillion dollars…but don’t worry about the cost…as the President promised us…only the rich are going to have to pay for it.

So again, how does it feel to finally be rich?  The health care reform bill will create 16,500 jobs…only those 16,500 jobs will not be doctors, nurses or even medical administrative staff…oh, no….those 16,500 jobs will be new IRS agents…yes…the IRS…it will be their job to investigate the private health insurance policies of Americans to make sure they fall in line with the new government mandates.

But that’s OK, because only the rich are going to pay for it.  If you have a good health care policy at work, something you’ve worked hard for that is part of the reason you work where you do…you may discover that policy will fall under the Cadillac Health Care description and be subject to a 40% tax on the value of the policy… didn’t know you were rich, did you?

What if you are on Medicare? There are $500 billion in Medicare cuts coming your way….how many rich people do you know that depend on Medicare?

If you’re still drinking the koolaid, did you really buy into the notion that health care reform was going to mean free health care for everyone…did you really think only the rich were going to have to pay for it?  If you did believe that…and if you still do….I know where you might be able to get a free mattress!


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