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Now That We’re All Rich…..

March 27, 2010

How does it feel to be rich? Didn’t you always want to be counted amongst the rich people of the country? C’mon, how does it feel…you made it….you are rich!

There is an annoying series of TV and radio commercials for a chain of mattress stores in California, where the owner promises if he can’t beat any deal on a new mattress, then your mattress is freeee!  Of course, the hidden lie is that he likely has never, nor will he ever, give away a mattress for free, as he only needs to beat the best deal by one penny.

Well, sweeping health care reform passed the House of Representatives this week and everyone in the majority is absolutely giddy about it…it is being touted as the biggest social reform in the last 40 years, a realization of a goal a century in the making.  It is a bill of massive proportions, nearly 1 trillion dollars…but don’t worry about the cost…as the President promised us…only the rich are going to have to pay for it.

So again, how does it feel to finally be rich?  The health care reform bill will create 16,500 jobs…only those 16,500 jobs will not be doctors, nurses or even medical administrative staff…oh, no….those 16,500 jobs will be new IRS agents…yes…the IRS…it will be their job to investigate the private health insurance policies of Americans to make sure they fall in line with the new government mandates.

But that’s OK, because only the rich are going to pay for it.  If you have a good health care policy at work, something you’ve worked hard for that is part of the reason you work where you do…you may discover that policy will fall under the Cadillac Health Care description and be subject to a 40% tax on the value of the policy… didn’t know you were rich, did you?

What if you are on Medicare? There are $500 billion in Medicare cuts coming your way….how many rich people do you know that depend on Medicare?

If you’re still drinking the koolaid, did you really buy into the notion that health care reform was going to mean free health care for everyone…did you really think only the rich were going to have to pay for it?  If you did believe that…and if you still do….I know where you might be able to get a free mattress!

Health Care Reform More About Politics Than Benefits

March 18, 2010

So, what is really going to happen with the health care reform act that won’t die?

So many opinions, so many lies on both sides of the fence, enormous pressure being put on a few straggling democrat house members as Nancy Pelosi struggles to get to 216 votes for the bill’s passage…

Dennis Kucinich all of a sudden “seeing the light” and changing his vote from no to yes…..which I found very interesting…as he received no concessions, no changes to the elements of the bill which he didn’t like…he simply and suddenly changed his mind!

This is all like …well, it’s like watching American Idol in
reverse…..instead of eliminating people every episode, the democrats
are trying to add people, adding votes where they didn’t exist a week

Talk show host Rush Limbaugh has created a firestorm of emails and phone calls on capitol Hill as citizens against the bill’s passage are burning the phones lines and email boxes of their Congressional representatives.

Tea Partiers are massing in Washington, protesting the bill’s possible passage.

President Obama says his health care overhaul will lower premiums by double digits…but according to industry experts, premiums are likely to keep going up even if the health care bill passes….who do you believe?

During a speech in Cleveland this week, the president told the crowd their employers would see premiums fall by as much
as 3,000 percent….3000 percent….? He even went so far as to say those savings would lead employers to begin giving pay raises….Wow! What a plan!

But…a White House press spokesperson later said the president misspoke; he had meant to say annual premiums would drop by $3,000….so let’s take the 3 grand, divide it by how many employees there are and there’s your big raise!

Further, an analysis by the Congressional Budget Office found that large employers would see premium savings of at most….. 3
percent ….compared with what their costs would have been without the
legislation. So that would be more like a few hundred dollars instead of
several thousand…..

remember now, we are talking about a bill with a price tag of nearly $1 trillion.

If this bill passes, we aren’t going to need a tea party to protest it….we’re going to need a keg party to help dull the pain it’s going to create!

Toyota Trouble- MoneyTV with Donald Baillargeon

March 15, 2010

Well, that flash of metal that blew by you on the freeway yesterday was likely yet another runaway Toyota Prius…more reports are coming out about the famed hybrid and darling of the left becoming increasingly unreliable…deciding all by itself to suddenly zoom up to speeds of 94 miles per hour…

Why is it then, when a Prius is in front of me in the carpool lane, it never goes over 50?

Anyway, Toyota is taking a serious public relations hit and if this keeps up, who knows if they could recover from it?

American car manufacturers and companies selling cars over here tout safety in their ads again and again…because, well, the streets are a dangerous place as we hurtle along at high speeds, in projectiles that weigh 4000 pounds or more, while some of our fellow drivers, text, tweet, chat and surf the web on their cell phones.

Toyota’s problems are even beginning to eclipse those that befell General Motors. GM, which admittedly built some very bad cars in the 1980s, suffered mainly from a reputation of poor quality rather than their cars suddenly becoming an out of control instrument of death.

The destruction of GM as the world’s largest corporation with the most significant market share took a couple of decades to happen…but 30 years ago we didn’t have 24-7 instant news and camera phones, tweets and recordings of 911 distress calls.

The destruction of a reputation today can take just a few hours…just ask some Hollywood celebrities and pro athletes.

Toyota is omnipresent in the US economy.

Toyota employs nearly 35,000 Americans in 10 manufacturing plants and when you include Toyota dealers, almost 175,000 people in the US get their paycheck each week as a result of Toyota.

The company spent $5.2 million in Washington lobbying efforts in 2009 alone, so they even act like a US corporation.

The question is…would you feel safe in a Toyota right now…would you buy one?

Governments Flat Broke But Spending Freely

March 4, 2010

Your money is at risk of becoming an endangered species. While the economic woes of the last couple of years have certainly affected everyone, city and state governments have been beaten to a pulp, comparatively.

Consider the city of Los Angeles, …all is not well in La La land…in the city of angels, movie stars and fashionistas, Los Angeles is facing a budget deficit of $600 million over the next 18 months…with fears that it could easily balloon to over $1 billion by the end of 2011…$1 billion for a single US city!

Saddled by a liberal mayor with an even more liberal city council, closely tied to labor unions, the government of Los Angeles has been unable…or perhaps unwilling, to make the necessary and many times unpopular cuts to help bring the budget deficit in line. They cannot seem to balance the checkbook…if less money is coming in…then it is logical that less has to go out.

Simply raising taxes and fees, always a simple solution, doesn’t work any longer…people who live in Los Angeles pay sales taxes of nine and three quarters percent…..nine and three quarters percent!!

It just seems apropos that L.A. is in California, which is also basically flat broke and getting worse by the day…California is facing a $20 billion budget shortfall…and while this goes on, the legislature spends its time debating a “no cussing week” resolution….trust me, that really happened, you can’t make this stuff up.

And it isn’t just L.A. and California…Illinois, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Oregon, Louisiana, Washington, even the paradise of Hawaii are all facing unprecedented budget shortfalls.

So no matter where you live, you will hear warnings that education, fire protection and police cuts are going to be made, because, well, those are the cuts that get our attention…

But why is it that the really silly things governments spend money on never seem to get cut?

Under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, Field research
is being proposed to include three annual two-month expeditions to Egypt,
with the objective being the discovery and analysis of new fossil
whale material that fill gaps in early whale evolution. We’re going to spend millions to study old whale bones in Egypt….

Like I said, you can’t make this stuff up!