Health Care Debate Keys in on Massachusetts

This was certainly an eventful week in politics and the way politics can and will affect your money.

Let’s start with health care reform. Remember health care reform? This was supposed to be a done deal by Thanksgiving, then it was supposed to be on the President’s Desk before Christmas, now the Super Bowl is going to likely come and go and we still won’t have a deal.

Now, there is talk of the Senate special election race in Massachusetts…the seat once held by Ted Kennedy. There is no more of a blue state in the country than Massachusetts and this race was supposed to be a walk for Democrat Martha Coakley, the state’s attorney general, but all of a sudden, Republican challenger and state senator Scott Brown has made this race a dead heat in the final days before the vote.

To be sure, the Democrats are bringing in the heavy artillery, Bill Clinton will campaign, John Kerry is actively involved, the news talk shows are being overrun with warnings that if Scott Brown wins, health care reform in the US would be set back 15 years.

This is better reality TV than anything Hollywood can come up with!

But what I am seeing here is a sneak preview of what we are going to get all over the country this fall as the mid term elections will shape the balance of the Obama Administration and create a dramatic statement as to how things will move forward. Obama’s job approval ratings have been falling consistently and are now in negative territory, especially among the all-important independent voters.

Many political analysts see a loss in Massachusetts as disastrous for the Democrats.

But as important as what is going on in US politics right now, it is insignificant to what is happening in Haiti, following that devastating earthquake.

You’ve seen the pictures and the video, you know what those people are going through. Help when and where you can, through your church, your service club, the Red Cross…anywhere….anything…but please….. do help.


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