2009 Hangover or 2010 Optimism?

A friend of mine used a term in a Facebook post this week that I had not heard before and I think it really summed up, at least for me, the two kinds of people we will be encountering as we welcome the new year 2010.

The term was …2009 Hangover….. and he was wondering who would be grabbing twenty ten optimism by the horns vs. those who would succumb to allowing the difficult year of 2009 …..to…hang…over…like a cheap champagne headache on New Year’s Day.

The federal government had their chance last year to fix the mess and I think it is consensus across the board…with the exception of the most ardent drinkers of the kool-aid……. that the government failed.

What we received instead was rampant, uncontrolled spending, a now $12 trillion national debt, 10% unemployment, our creditors beginning to show their nervousness and a stubborn insistence to try to craft and pass tremendously unpopular and horrifically expensive health care legislation….with no idea how to pay for it.

The 2010 election season has just begun and already, Democrats watched a string of their House members announce retirements, one congressman defected to the GOP, Senators Chris Dodd of Connecticut, Byron Dorgan of North Dakota and Colorado Governor Bill Ritter all announcing they will not run for reelection…. in what is already proving to be an unfriendly atmosphere for incumbents, particularly for the party in charge.

These are not 2010 optimists, these are people running away from the 2009 hangover. The going got tough and they….well, they quit.

It is up to us, we the people. It’s up to us to embrace a new year, a new decade, with a steadfast determination. We will create new opportunities for ourselves and for our neighbors, we will risk everything and start new companies and new ventures, create new jobs and new opportunities. We’ve done it before, our parents and grandparents did it before.

As MoneyTV begins its 14th year on television, now seen in more than 60 countries all over the world, we will continue to bring you stories about exciting, emerging companies that represent the great entrepreneur spirit, the future and the optimism that goes with it.

A new year, a new decade, are you ready for the rebuild?


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